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Pamper Your Pooch: Expert Grooming Services at Town & Country Veterinary Hospital

At Town & Country Veterinary Hospital grooming and wellness are a top priority for your furry friend. Every Thursday, our skilled groomers offer various pampering services to make your four-legged friend look their best. From full grooming and quick clean-ups to specialized treatments, we ensure a delightful and caring experience for your beloved pet.

Our Grooming Services

Grooming services are available by appointment only on Thursdays. Please call in advance to schedule your pet’s grooming session.


  • Full-Groom: Prices start at $36, varying by size:
    • Under 40 lbs: $36
    • 40-80 lbs: $53
    • 80.1-120 lbs: $64
    • Over 120 lbs: $109
  • Bath & Brush: Starting at $25, perfect for a quick clean-up.
  • Brush Out: Only $10 for a sleek, tangle-free coat.
  • Face Trim: A delicate trim for $12.
  • Ear Cleaning: Keep those ears clean for just $10.
  • Shed Control: Reduce shedding from $15 onwards.
  • De-Skunk Service: A lifesaver at just $25.

Nail Services

  • Nail Grind: $12 for smooth edges.
  • Nail Polish: Add some flair for $15.
  • Nail Trim: A quick trim for $10.
  • Sanitary Trim: Essential care for $10.
  • Hair Styling:
  • Hair Dye: Transform their look for $30.
  • Hair Stencil: Fun designs for $20.


Additional fees may apply based on coat condition, size, and temperament.


Add-Ons for That Extra Touch

  • Anal Gland Expression: $15 for comfort.
  • Berry Facial: A sweet treat for $10.
  • Clean Feet: Tidy paws for $10.
  • Conditioner: Add extra shine for $6.
  • Flea & Tick Shampoo: Essential care for $15.
  • Medicated Shampoo: Specialized care for $6.
  • Spaw Package: The ultimate pampering for $25.
  • Tooth Brush: Fresh breath for $12.

Just as humans do, pets need yearly wellness care to help them live a happy & healthy life.

Just as you require check-ups and medical care to ensure your health is in check, your pets do, too. When your companion receives wellness care, you are not only making sure they are currently healthy, but you are helping prevent issues from arising in the future. Town & Country Veterinary Hospital specializes in looking out for your pets with a wide range of wellness care services.

Groomer Desire

Desiree was born in San Antonio, TX and grew up an animal enthusiast. She started her career at PetSmart in 2015 as a Pet Care Specialist where she began cross-training as a bather. She quickly realized she wanted to learn how to do haircuts on dogs and enrolled in the Grooming Academy program shortly after. Ever since, she has been passionate about dog grooming as it is both challenging and rewarding, and she absolutely loves what she does. Desiree has a few pets of her own – one cat, two Pomeranians, and one very loving pit bull-boxer mix, all of which are rescues.

veterinarians wearing white coats checking yellow labrador retriever puppy with a sthetoscope at town and country veterinary hospital

Our Wellness Care Services

Wellness care is arguably the most important part of veterinary care.

It’s what every pet needs to ensure they have a happy and healthy life. During a wellness visit, your companion will get a full workup that will help our staff identify whether they have any underlying issues or not. This comes in the form of a full-body “massage” where our staff will palpate their body and examine their vitals.

However, that’s not where wellness care stops. If your companion is due for a vaccination, we’ll make sure they’re comfortable and remain calm through the process while we administer this preventative service. Illnesses and viruses like Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, and more can all be avoided when your animal gets their vaccines.

Another wellness service we offer is microchipping. A microchip is a small identification device that is used to help reunite you with your companion if you somehow get separated. They are about the size of a grain of rice, and they are traditionally implanted between the shoulder blades of the animal with a shot-like syringe. When a programmed scanning device is used, it picks up the unique code of the microchip and connects to a computer program where your information can be accessed. While many people choose to microchip their cats and dogs, other animals, like rabbits, snakes, and even birds, can be microchipped, too.
veterinarians wearing white coats checking yellow labrador retriever puppy with a sthetoscope at town and country veterinary hospital
Meet our new app, Yourgi
Meet our new app, Yourgi

Dog Grooming

in San Antonio

Town & Country Veterinary Hospital proudly offers top-tier grooming and wellness care for your beloved pets. Our experienced professionals are here to handle all your pet's grooming needs, ensuring a safe and soothing experience. We also offer various health and wellness services to keep your furry friends happy, healthy, and looking their best.

Wellness Care

in San Antonio

Wellness care helps ensure that your beloved companion can enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life by your side. Our staff provides wellness care services for all types of pets so you can be assured that your loved one will stay healthy. Call Town & Country Veterinary Hospital to schedule a wellness visit today.
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General Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-2am
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: 10am-2am
*Sunday appointments will be emergency only walk-ins.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Holiday Hours
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