How to Prepare Your Dog For a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for your dog. They get to have a playmate and someone to take care of, which can be comforting for them. If your dog is older, they may even enjoy having the opportunity to teach their new sibling some tricks and show them how things work around the house.


But sometimes, getting a new puppy can be stressful for dogs who aren't used to change.


If you want your new puppy to have an easy transition with your other dogs, here are some tips on how you can prepare them:


  • Start preparing your dog for a new puppy as early as possible. The longer you wait, the more stressful this process will be for you.
  • Don't keep your dog away from other people and animals during this time. They must learn how to interact with others healthy for the rest of their lives. However, make sure that you and your dog are always aware of each other's body language, especially if one of you is very excited (like puppies tend to be).
  • If you're having trouble keeping your dog from being too enthusiastic around other humans or animals, try using a trick that teaches them how to calm themselves down when they start getting too excited, and don't forget to give them treats whenever they do so successfully!
  • Keep them separated at first so they don't feel threatened by each other's presence. Have them sniff each other through a barrier first, like a gate or crate with food inside it that only one person can access at a time (your family member). Then let them play together when you're sure they'll get along well—this means no biting!
  • Ensure all of your dogs are spayed/neutered, so there aren't any hormones involved when introducing them!
  • Make sure your dog gets a lot of exercise and attention before you bring home the new puppy, so they are a little tired when the new puppy arrives. You can also play with your pet cat so it can get rid of some of its energy.
  • Give your dog plenty of positive attention and treats so they don't feel like losing anything when the new puppy comes home.
  • Train your dog to be calm when you take them to new places by giving them treats or another reward every time they are relaxed while being handled by strangers.


We will Help You Get Your Dog Ready For a New One

While dogs are incredibly adaptable, it's always a good idea to help them adjust to this new arrival to live in harmony and enjoy the company of their new friend.

And now that you've learned how to prepare your dog for a new puppy make sure that you visit Town & Country Veterinary Hospital for any questions you might have. We can help you and your dog become acclimated to the changes that are about to take place in your home. We can help ensure that your dog will be ready to adjust and share his home with a new family member.

We assure to help you get your fur family ready for the new family member. Want to learn more? Contact us now for more information.


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