How to Introduce a Pet to New People


If you have a pet, then chances are you’ve had to introduce them to new people. Well-behaved dogs that are accustomed to meeting new people will know to remain calm and act friendly. However, if your pet isn’t used to meeting new people then this can be a potentially stressful situation for your pet. Therefore, it’s good to properly introduce your pet to new people so that over time, your pet will know that there’s nothing to worry about. When introducing your pet to new people, try the following:

  • Start in a calm environment: A calm and peaceful environment is relaxing to your pet and with fewer distractions, they will be able to focus on the new person without getting overwhelmed. 
  • Let your pet take their time: Let your dog take time to sniff the new person, walk around, and do their normal routine when they are first introduced to someone new. Once your pet finishes their ‘inspection’ then they will feel much more comfortable around the new person.
  • Ask the new person to offer treats: One of the best ways to become friends with a pet is to offer them treats. Hand the person you are introducing your pet to some of your pet’s favorite treats to give to them. This will increase the likelihood that your pet will become fond of the new person!
  • Reinforce positive behavior: Anytime your pet shows positive behavior, be sure to reward them by giving them a treat, complimenting them, and petting them. By reinforcing positive behavior, you’re letting your pet know that you approve of their behavior and in return, your pet will be more likely to repeat that action.
  • Repeat the process as many times as necessary: Don’t look for immediate results if your pet has never been properly introduced to someone new. These things take time so the more people you’re able to introduce your pet to, the more comfortable your pet will feel over time.

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