5 Common Diseases in Parakeets

Owning an exotic pet like a Parakeet can be exciting and rewarding. But if you are a newer owner, proper research must be done before you bring your feathered friend home. Parakeets, or budgies, are intelligent creatures, and like dogs and cats, they will need regular interaction and a keen eye. Sadly, many new bird owners are unaware of signs and symptoms that their budgie is unwell. Continue below to learn more about five common diseases that may affect your pet. 


Here are five common diseases in Parakeets to look out for:


  • Brown hypertrophy of the cere: This typically harmless hormonal condition usually expresses itself in older female budgies. The condition may be partly caused by an overabundance of protein in your bird’s diet. Unfortunately, the growth on your bird’s cere may block the nares or nostrils of your pet—resulting in a possible pet emergency.
  • Liver Disease: Your bird may develop liver disease if you are not on top of their nutritional intake. This condition is usually chronic, and can only be managed to increase your bird’s quality of life. 
  • Psittacine beak and feather disease: This viral infection causes birds to develop ineffective flying feathers. Birds affected by the condition are commonly called “creepers” as they have lost the ability to fly. 
  • Polyomavirus: This viral disease once referred to as “budgie fledgling disease,” is infamous for causing acute death in fledgling budgies when they emerge from the nest.
  • Megabacteria: This illness has been reported to be caused by bacteria, likely associated with yeast, that will induce chronic weight loss and eventual death if left untreated.


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