Socialization in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can and should be socialized at any point in their life? From puppies to senior dogs, socialization is important to help dogs manage their stress levels...
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5 Tips For Taking Care of Your Pet Parrot

Are you a proud new owner of a parrot? Take heed! These beautiful avians are no small contribution to the family unit. Parrots are very long-lived creatures: possibly living up to...
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5 Common Diseases in Parakeets

Owning an exotic pet like a Parakeet can be exciting and rewarding. But if you are a newer owner, proper research must be done before you bring your feathered friend home....
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The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

Microchips are extremely small devices that carry a unique identification number. These chips are typically embedded under the loose skin between your pet’s shoulder blades and are built to last the...
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Finding Pet Wellness Care in San Antonio

Wellness care is a holistic and comprehensive approach to ensure your pet’s overall health throughout the course of their lives. From the time they are tiny puppies & kittens until they...
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How to Keep Your Pet Entertained Indoors During Bad Weather

One concern a lot of pet owners have is how to keep their pets entertained during bad weather. As much as our pets would like to go outside and play day...
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How to Introduce a Pet to New People

If you have a pet, then chances are you’ve had to introduce them to new people. Well-behaved dogs that are accustomed to meeting new people will know to remain calm and...
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How to Select an Animal ER Clinic

As loving pet owners, we always want our furry little companions to be in safe situations. However, sometimes accidents happen and when they do, it’s important to know where to go...
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3 Healthy Foods For Your Pet Rabbit

Giving your pet rabbit a balanced and nutritious diet is very important to making sure your furry little pet stays healthy and is getting the right nutrients. Rabbits tend to have...
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Welcome to Town & Country Veterinary Hospital

Welcome to Town & Country Veterinary Hospital! Located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, our pet hospital offers high-quality care for all types of creatures. From furry four-legged friends to...
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